Maschio’s there for celebrating life’s everyday moments. It’s also the perfect wine to enjoy casually at the end of the day, the beginning of meal, or when friends drop by. Breezy, soft, and refreshing on its own, Maschio Prosecco also goes well with almost anything your serving from simple snacks to succulent suppers.

Compared to Champagne, Prosecco’s more country than city, more spontaneous than planned, and more lively laughter than sedate smiles. It’s more light bodied, more fruit driven, and just more fun! What’s your Maschio Moment?  We all have at least one to share.


Prosecco, named for the northern Italian town where it was born, is crafted from a local grape called Glera. Maschio Prosecco is pale straw to light gold in color, has a gentle sparkle,

The Collection

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